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UX Designer and Researcher

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As a UX Designer/Researcher at Embark, you are passionate about the evolution of interfaces and user experiences as we bring more creativity to users. You understand what has been done and how we have gotten to the current “state of the art” and you are ready to help move that forward. You will hold a broad view of UX across creative tools and play experiences and design experiments focused on interactions in 3 D real-time environments. While eager to push that forward with your own ideas and understanding, you enjoy exploring the possibilities with the entire team, and broadly advocating for UX possibilities and experiments. You have UX experience in many contexts, though you have extra knowledge and interest in modern game-like 3 D simulated worlds. You can drive useful user tests and effectively present and analyze conceptual ideas. You enjoy exploring new areas, where ideas are harder to prove and a strong mix of intuition and rapid prototyping are required. Example of responsibilities - Research, design, and iterate UX for several internal projects - Explore and analyze UX best practices from academy and industry - User testing on prototypes, other software, and conceptual ideas - Level-up UX understanding and skill at Embark, drive the discipline forward - Move beyond proven toolsets into new ways to enable users We would love if you have - A creative and curious mind, you love to explore early phase concepts - Enjoyment of creative collaboration - you want to design and share with others - A focus on creative tools and enabling the largest number of people to use them - Experience and interest in hands-on prototyping in 3 D and interactive contexts - Professional English communication skills

Embark Studios AB


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Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-09-09
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