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Wouldn't it be super sweet to get to build a fin-tech product that makes it really easy to pay and withdraw online? To overcome hurdles together with colleagues that got your back and work in a cross-functional and autonomous team at a supersonic pace while being really chill about it? Here's the deal: As a developer at Zimpler you'll have full ownership of the projects you are a part of. Belong to a cross-functional team, where you will have a genuine impact on the team's decisions. I mean, just look at this bullet point list: - Work in a start-up with a strong product focus - Have flexible work hours - Empower customers to be both user-friendly, compliant and able to help their users to be financially healthy. - Constantly grow and improve, individually and as a team - You and your team will be able to get some honest to god work done. And you decide how. - Work in the most charming environment that ever was available in the entire universe of central Göteborg (I mean our city-offices are like super cozy and really central) Note that we have the Dev Ops mentality: as a team, you figure out the specs, you figure out the UI, you write the code, you ship it and you make sure it works and that your users are happy! What would you work on then you might ask? We are on an exiting journey where our product is attracting more and more customers. Together with us you will build brand new features, fix bugs, while constantly moving the product to more and more modern solutions. You will be joining as an experienced full-stack developer, writing Go code in the backend and Type Script+React in the front-end while deploying everything on Amazon using Docker and Kubernetes . Don't worry, we got all the basics covered (everything is on Github, we have automated tests & deploys, centralised logging et cetera), just pull up a chair and do you. So, are you hyped or even just a little bit curious? Talk to us! We don't bite too often (just avoid full moons, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Christmas).

Zimpler AB


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  • Timmar per vecka: 32 - 40 timmar
Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-02-26
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