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IoT-focused iOS Developer

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#jobbjustnu Do you enjoy the Internet of Things? We need competent i OS developers with demonstrable experience with Bluetooth BLE integration to build the "next generation" of connected devices. About the job At The Techno Creatives, we have developed what we call the Elevate platform: a platform for building quality Io T solutions from end to end. Core to our strategy around this is security, privacy, safety and ease of us. To achieve this, we have a technology mix that includes Rust, Graph QL, and custom hardware we build ourselves in collaboration with our Shenzhen office. In the context of a mobile device, we connect to the Elevate services using Graph QL, but also Bluetooth! This is where mobile developers join the fray and get involved with this process. You would be responsible for developing applications around a framework that we call Beckon, a reactive wrapper around the Core Bluetooth libraries that does a lot of work of managing the state of the system. You would be responsible for building on that framework as you become familiar with it. Key functionality that is likely to be needed in the near future includes integrating a Bluetooth Mesh protocol implementation. Does this interest you? If so, we look forward to your application! Due to requiring interaction with hardware from time to time, this job requires moving to Gothenburg, Sweden. What we offer you A flexible work environment with work life balance in focus. You will be able to combine office work with remote work. Cross functional, inclusive and talented teams, with opportunities to work on a spectrum of projects from short-term deliverables all the way to long-term product development. The best of both a product company and a consultancy. A career progression framework with a clear path for growth and promotion. New and fresh offices in central Gothenburg. Check out our Instagram to see how it is like working at The Techno Creatives. About us We are a creative tech and design house that take on projects together with global companies, and at the same time we start and run ventures and platforms. With an incubator approach and a competent team of developers, designers and strategists, we help our customers design and develop innovative concepts and digital products. Our roots are within the automotive industry, but today our customers come from a wide spectrum of industries. The Techno Creatives was founded 15 years ago and has grown to more than 50 employees - and now we are aiming to grow even more. Role requirements Professional experience with at least one major project working with the i OS Bluetooth Low Energy stack, including characteristics implementation and development Professional experience with i OS app development Strong ability to implement coherent and reusable components Comfortable with modern reactive patterns, such as Rx Swift or Combine A desire to collaborate across a number of disciplines to achieve project goals Things that are nice to have (but can definitely be learned on the job) are: Experience with Graph QL and/or streaming protocols A desire to work with or at least know about the Rust programming language Some backend experience to mock web APIs or create testing tools You may be requested to complete an assignment to demonstrate your abilities prior to any interview taking place. Apply for the job As a creative agency, devs are expected to work closely with the design teams, often working together as one to solve a client problem or deliver a solid product. No more freaking out alone trying to build a UI when the designers will have your back. We take pride in our hiring approach, where we consider your professional and personal experience first and foremost, rather than simply looking at your formal qualifications. Please note: this role absolutely requires experience with Bluetooth BLE on i OS! If you don't have this but think based on similar experience that you would still be suitable, check out our other roles or please email us at jobs@technocreatives.com.

THETC The Techno Creatives AB


  • Antal platser: 2
  • Timmar per vecka: 32 - 40 timmar
Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-11-30
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