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PhD student position in antibacterial nanocomposites

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General information about the project PEST-BIN is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovation Training Network (ITN), funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020 Program. Commencing its activities in January 2021, the Network will provide Ph D training to 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). Consortium objectives Antibiotic resistance has been named as one of the greatest threats to global health by the World Health Organization. There are increasing numbers of bacterial infections not responding to known antibiotics. The humanity needs to pioneer disruptive technologies to re-gain the upper hand. To do so, PEST-BIN mobilizes six universities, three research institutes, a hospital and five private companies with one common mission: to pioneer novel technologies to fight bacterial infections. Our network will combine very diverse tools: from nano-engineering, antibiotic discovery and production, via proteomics-based diagnostics to big data analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) – all of which will be contribute to new, interdisciplinary technologies. All PEST-BIN ES Rs will be trained in an intersectoral environment – experiencing a tight collaboration among academia, healthcare and the private sector. Information about the division The position will be based at the Division of Engineering Materials, Department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers with main secondments at Wellspect Healthcare. The Division of Engineering Materials is broadly centered on the relationship between technological materials microstructure and their mechanical properties. Specifically, the Kádár Group of the division works in the general area of Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter. Current research activities are centered around three topics: (i) flow-field filler interaction in nanostructured fluids, (ii) multifunctional properties in polymer nanocomposites and (iii) advanced rheological characterization and method development. Wellspect Healthcare, with headquarters in Mölndal, Sweden, is a leading global provider of innovative medical devices with a focus on helping people suffering from urinary retention or chronic constipation. Wellspect Healthcare has 1100 employees and a presence in more than 30 countries. Major responsibilities The Ph D position at Engineering Materials will include the following research- and technology tasks: A Ph D student to develop a new class of antibacterial surfaces based on polymer graphene nanocomposites into biomedical devices is sought. The project builds on recent research in which surfaces that eliminate 99.9999% of bacterial attachment have been developed. At fundamental level, the achieved effects are an interplay between material properties, field – material interactions and pre- and post-treatment procedures. The challenge is to transfer the bactericidal nanostructures into optimal compositions and scalable procedures. Therefore, developments related to the matrix polymer, including from sustainability point of view, nanofillers, flow properties and processing will be key for a successful technological transfer of the new class of high-performance antibacterial surfaces to a broad range of medical device applications. Position summary Full-time temporary employment. You are expected to complete a Ph D degree in 4 years, which may extend to a maximum of 5 years when including teaching or other tasks (

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Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-02-24
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