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#jobbjustnu Are you a developer who focuses on the web but isn't necessarily defined by it? Is interactivity in whatever form something you take joy in developing? We may have a role that you'll love. About the job This is an open ended application for those of you who have experience with web frontend, backend, or full-stack development. This application is open to all levels, from junior to senior. At The Techno Creatives, it is front and center of our strategy to build high-quality web experiences on a number of platforms, with a focus on interaction. Your work can end up in cars or boats in the form of an infotainment UI, powering the user frontend to a sprawling Big Data project, all the way down to apps focused on mobile interaction. Suffice to say, we do a lot of stuff. You'll never be bored. Depending on your specific skill mix and background, you could be initially be working on a number of projects: A full-stack role building modules for visualising and managing the state of Wi Fi networks on trains in Europe, using a tech mix including Rabbit MQ, Kubernetes, React, Python, Type Script and more. More frontend focused roles building high quality and well-designed management frontends for our Io T platform, Elevate. Making devices go zoom across a map is super fun. Tech mix: React, Type Script, Graph QL, Mapbox, SCSS, and more. More backend focused roles such as deploying services for Big Data projects or Graph QL backends for the business services we maintain. Tech stack includes Rust, Type Script, Postgres, Rabbit MQ, etc. Backend stuff. Worth noting that we do have a Dev Ops team at The Techno Creatives, so you won't be completely alone in deploying and maintaining things. The role can optionally be temporarily remote due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, with the goal of you joining us in Gothenburg, Sweden. What we offer you A flexible work environment with work life balance in focus. You will be able to combine office work with remote work. Cross functional, inclusive and talented teams, with opportunities to work on a spectrum of projects from short-term deliverables all the way to long-term product development. The best of both a product company and a consultancy. A career progression framework with a clear path for growth and promotion. New and fresh offices in central Gothenburg. Check out our Instagram to see how it is like working at The Techno Creatives. About us We are a creative tech and design house that take on projects together with global companies, and at the same time we start and run ventures and platforms. With an incubator approach and a competent team of developers, designers and strategists, we help our customers design and develop innovative concepts and digital products. Our roots are within the automotive industry, but today our customers come from a wide spectrum of industries. The Techno Creatives was founded 15 years ago and has grown to more than 50 employees - and now we are aiming to grow even more. Role requirements We're looking for people with experience in web development, either frontend, backend or full-stack. Frontend skills Experience with modern React (Hooks) and Type Script Experience with reactive design patterns Ability to implement coherent and reusable component hierarchies Demonstrable ability to use modern CSS effectively (ie, Grid and Flexbox) Competence dealing with web packagers (like Webpack, etc) and their many edge cases and flaws Capacity to collaborate with design and developer teams Backend skills Ability to reason about and implement basic HTTP services Experience interfacing with an SQL database (preferably Postgres) A conceptual understanding of a networking stack (i.e. IP addressing, ports, etc) Comfort with asynchronous and/or streaming concepts Ability to implement modular, coherent and testable functionality The following are beneficial things to have, since they're what we often work with right now, but not necessary to get hired (training is possible!): Experience with continuous integration and continuous delivery tools Experience with using Docker or similar container technologies Experience working with Graph QL Experience with any of the following languages: Kotlin, Python, Rust, Swift Experience with Kubernetes Experience with deploying HTTP services (such as with nginx) General experience with Linux administration If you meet part of the requirements of any of the above sections, apply! If we assess that you're at least at a junior level, we will provide you a short assignment for you to best demonstrate your abilities, so if you're unsure, give it a shot anyway. :) Apply for the job As a creative agency, devs are expected to work closely with the design teams, often working together as one to solve a client problem or deliver a solid product. No more freaking out alone trying to build a UI when the designers will have your back. We take pride in our hiring approach, where we consider your professional and personal experience first and foremost, rather than simply looking at your formal qualifications. If you are uncertain about something, or really think that you're suitable for a role here but maybe just not this one, see our other roles or feel free to email us at jobs@technocreatives.com.

THETC The Techno Creatives AB


  • Antal platser: 2
  • Timmar per vecka: 32 - 40 timmar
Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-11-30
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