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Delta Project - Adviser & Tech Support

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Delta Project is a leading European ADTECH provider. Delta Projects provides a full stack programmatic platform for campaign execution and campaign management, ad-serving, machine learning, analysis, reporting, etc. Among our customers you will find several of the largest Nordic companies. Delta has 50+ employees with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Malta. Advisor - Techsupport As a tech support at Delta Projects your main responsibility is to ensure an easy and smooth onboarding process for our clients and that they quickly get help with whatever technical questions they may have. The tech lead is an important role at Delta Projects where we with quick solutions on technical issues can maximise our revenue and ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. It is important that implementations and advertising materials are implemented smoothly and as a tech support you’re responsible for the implementation projects and to improve the process to make it even more efficient. You will be working in all our platforms, DSP, Ad Server and DMP. The technical support role is a part of the product organisation (who continuously develop our platforms) which means that you will work closely with Product Owners and Product Managers at Delta both with investigations and evaluations of new technologies and future solutions as well as adding bugs and new features to the backlog that are discovered by you or the clients.  Some of your most important tasks are, but not limited to: - Test faulty advertising materials (mostly HTML5, but also video and native), ensure correct display on common browsers, that the creatives meets the site specs and that click-through works properly - Troubleshoot technical issues, both internally and externally. - Provide professional customer service to our sales team, accountmanagement team, and our clients - Create specialized reports through data base search: SQL Query - When needed provide ad specifications to clients, Account Managers, and sales - Create, manage and maintain publisher scripts when applicable - Upload creatives into our Ad Serving system - Support your colleagues by identifying client requirements for development projects - The work contains both working independently and in close collaboration with our customer teams.  Application In this process we collaborate with Talent&Partner. Please send you resumé to: work@talentpartner.se Qualifications - Excellent multi-tasking skills and time management - Strong communication skills, verbal and written in both Swedish and English - Must be able to troubleshoot in real time. - Able to juggle multiple projects, to manage various data and ability to understand the parties of the adtech “eco-system” - We expect that you can read and understand code/scripts and write your own SQL queries - Prior experience of working with Ad Ops / adtech platforms and having a good understanding of the digital media industry About Delta Projects Delta Projects develop smart campaign management solutions for efficient online advertising. Delta Projects "Campaign Management Platform" is based on a Demand Side Platform (DSP) with added IQ and built-in Ad Hosting (Ad Server). The integration to the company-owned Data Management Platform (DMP) serves as base for Delta Projects self-developed behavioural targeting technology and unique way of analysing data. It is a programmatic buying system with Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) technology closely integrated to all major Ad-Exchanges, Supply Side Platforms (SSP) and its own local media inventory. Delta Projects "Campaign Management Platform" is a timesaving online tool with no startup costs or monthly fees. Its functionalities cover most parts of a traditional media plan; such as planning, buying, optimising and reporting. Delta Projects’ offer also includes training, managed campaign services and personal support. Delta Projects, founded 2002 in Stockholm, has a long history of introducing new technology to the market.

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