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Project description A new treatment paradigm called Phantom Motor Execution (PME) was developed by the director of the Center for Bionics and Pain Research (CBPR) Associate Professor. Ortiz Catalan and has shown promising results in the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain (PLP). PME consist of using muscle signals from the amputated limb to control augmented and virtual environments. Electric signals in the muscles are picked up by electrodes on the skin. Artificial intelligence algorithms translate the signals into movements of a virtual arm in real-time. The patients see themselves on a screen with the virtual arm in the place of the missing arm, and they can control it as they would control their biological arm. Thus, the perceived phantom arm is brought to life by a virtual representation that the patient can see and control. This allows the patient to reactivate areas of the brain that were used to move the arm before it was amputated, which might be the reason that the phantom limb pain decrease. CBPR is working towards making PME more accessible and to apply it to other conditions than PLP and is therefore looking for a programmer that can improve the software used in for PME. The position is a project employment for 3-6 months where the candidate will be responsible for implementing a serious game. Serious games are games which have a purpose beyond entertainment. The ideal candidate would have an eye for game design and help us fine-tune the design of the game. In addition to implementing the game, the candidate will also be responsible for integrating it in our software solution which is based on C# (.net Core). The integration should be done with attention to usability which might include working with the existing user interface to improve usability of the entire application. The Center for Bionics and Pain Research (CBPR) is formed as an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and Chalmers University of Technology, aimed at developing and clinically implementing novel technologies to restore sensorimotor function and relieve pain due to sensorimotor impairment. This position will be hosted by the Bionics unit at Chalmers, which is part of this new center, in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers. The physical location of the position is primarily at Mölndal Hospital (R-huset), when not working from home due to the pandemic. Major responsibilities Your main responsibility is to implement a serious game and integrate it in our current software solution. The integration should be done with attention to usability which might include working with the existing user interface to improve usability of the entire application. The implementation should be well documented and tested. Contract terms Full time/part time temporary employment, 3-6 months (depending on the candidate). Your qualifications Required programming skills include experience using C#, game development, and implementing graphical user interfaces (GUIs). The ideal candidate should also have good command of the English language and be self-driven and independent. Meriting programming skills include Matlab, Unity, and SVN. It is also meriting if the candidate has experience with serious games and interest in games and game design. Furthermore, research experience (e.g., conducting experiments, reading research papers) as well as knowledge about machine learning and electromyography (EMG) is considered advantageous. Chalmers continuously strives to be an attractive employer. Equality and diversity are substantial foundations in all activities at Chalmers. Our offer to you Chalmers offers a cultivating and inspiring working environment in the dynamic city of Gothenburg.  Read more about working at Chalmers and our benefits for employees. Application procedure The application should be marked with Name, Ref 20210200  and be attached as PDF files, as below: CV Personal letter Other documents (optional): • Copies of completed education, grades etc. Two references that we can contact should be provided at a possible interview. Please use the button at the bottom of the page to reach the application form. Application deadline: 7 May, 2021 Contact The faculty investigators of this study are Professor Morten Fjeld, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (fjeld@chalmers.se) and Associate Professor Max Ortiz Catalan, Bionics unit (maxo@chalmer.se). Please direct any questions about the position to postdoctoral researcher Morten Bak Kristoffersen, Bionics unit (mortenb@chalmers.se).

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